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Texas Peke Rescue

Business Plan

Mission Statement

Our mission at Texas Peke Rescue  is to rescue any small dog in our area regardless of age or medical condition, and provide them with love, shelter, food, human companionship, medical care, and spay-neuter services through local veterinarians until they find their forever families.

Texas Peke rescue will try to rescue any small dog who is either abandoned in a shelter or living with an owner who can't provide care for it any longer.
   We wish to stop the senseless euthanasia of any healthy, adoptable dogs in our area.  We believe each dog's life is meaningful and each deserves a loving home.

The Team

CEO Kaci M. Boggs

Market Summary

Market: past, present, & future:

We plan to fund our company as a non-profit agency through donations and fundraisers


Problems and opportunities:

Over 160,000 dogs were put to sleep in Amarillo alone last year. By taking in abused, neglected an unwanted pets, we can find them homes and avoid some of these senseless deaths.

Over population of animal shelters is caused by ignorance and avoidance of spay/neuter programs. We will help this situation through automatic sterilization of all animals coming through our rescue.

Business Concept

Rescue and adoption of abused, neglected and unwanted pets.


Local kill shelters and ASPCA

We are a no-kill shelter, utilizing foster homes for animals until they find a forever family.

We specialize in small breed dogs only, whereas the local SPCA takes in mainly large dogs and cats.

Goals & Objectives

Five-year goals

We would like to have our own facility

Be able to provide shelter for upwards of 25-50 animals at a time

Be an asset to the community, offering pet micro-chipping services.

Financial Plan

At this time our budget is limited to start up and small donations. We plan to hold a few fundraisers this year to gain resources.

Resource Requirements

Technology: We have the use of one laptop computer and software specific for rescue organizations. We will need to purchase an additional computer once we have our own facility.

Personnel: We have one employee right now and will be utilizing the generosity of volunteers

External requirements

Veterinary Services

Risks & Rewards


The biggest risk in this situation would be an animal that needed a serious amount of vetting, this placing a financial burden on the company.

Addressing risk

Donations and fundraisers will be utilized in this event, we have several resources for such an occurance.


Finding homes for countless animals, who might have otherwise been put to sleep.

Being able to microchip animals adopted and community pets, helping them find their way home should they become lost.

Raising funds and awareness on the importance of spay/neuter programs in the area.

Key Issues

Near term

501(c)(3) status

Long term

A separate facility for boarding animals



Texas Peke Rescue uses The Canyon Road Animal Hospital for all vet purposes

Dr. Janice Wolf-Vaughn, D.V.M.

4201 Canyon Dr.

Amarillo, TX 79110

Office: 806-359-9465

Office hours by appointment Mon-Sat 9am-9pm